An Artist's Philosophy

We seek to collaborate with artists who share our vision to communicate music through recording and playback in the highest possible quality and therefore honoring the sound of reality. Artists who also share our desire to reveal the legacy of great musical minds such that their art reaches as many as possible. Authenticity, inventiveness, sampling and re-working of master pieces can go hand in hand and no musical convention has merits or truth on its own, rather than it being used as an extra tool to create great music and sound.

The Spirit of Turtle is about music and how we can communicate this optimally from performer to listener. A quest for transparency whereby an unconditional dedication and effort is shared and invested by all involved to reach our goals.

A gateway between performer and listener that in the best case adds nothing, and takes nothing away from a real life performance.

A Recording Philosophy

The Spirit of Turtle strives to let music sound in an acoustic environment whereby the collision of air molecules creates the ultimate blend and balance, rather then to synthesize sound and balance it through electrical currents in mixing boards. Also electrical synthesized music must sound at some point, and The Spirit of Turtle tries to deliver this sound in a way that is believable and similar to a real sounding concert where human beings are involved rather than only abstract soundscapes.

Often small noises and even fragile musical moments bring the holographic nature of a recording to life.

This philosophy delivers honest, dynamic and extremely colorful recordings in which the musical message comes across in a logical set-up which we recognize to be similar to experiencing a live performance.

A Cinematic Philosophy

The Spirit of Turtle is all about music and the sound that this music represents in real live events. Still, however suggestive, imaginative and alive a sound scape might be, and however high the standard of recording quality, just sound will never completely replace a real life performance as seeing artists perform is a crucial part of the communication between them and their audiences.

By adding visual information through video and film to our audio productions, we strive to enhance this artistic communication.

This, rather than to create a distraction or diversion from the audio, which unfortunately often is the effect of adding moving picture to audio.

Delivering carefully selected and balanced visual information, with a tasteful artistic abstraction level to what is heard during the musical performance, will draw the observer into the musical sound scape that is projected and create an imaginative teamwork between the 2 disciplines. The music becomes even more clear and understood and even inherently alien music to the listener becomes more attractive due to what the picture shows.

This philosophy delivers a complete and honest representation of musical performances with the immersive characteristics and a psychological response to ultimately resemble attending a real live performance.

Meet the Team

Bert van der Wolf

Director, Producer, Recording & Balancing Engineer

Director Bert van der Wolf is a practicing recording engineer/producer based in The Netherlands and has run his own audio recording facility since 1996. He trained in Electronics at the Higher Technical School in Enschede from 1982 to 1985, served in the army a year and after that studied and practiced Music Recording, Piano and Classical Guitar at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where he gained the internationally recognized Tonmeister qualification in 1990.

Bert worked for the Dutch recording companies Channel Classics from 1989 to 1996 and Kompas CD Multimedia from 1996 to 2000, making several hundred recordings for numerous international record labels. He also works as a consultant and “evangelist” for many recording studios and professional audio equipment manufacturers.

Bert has been making High Resolution recordings since 1996, starting initially with the 24/96 formats and then moving on to 24/192 and DSD. He engineered the world’s first 24/192 recordings for Samsung in 1996. As a technical consultant he was responsible for the assembly and delivery of 3 first prototype 8 channel DSD recorders to Philips and worked together with their NATlab on the specifications. Hundreds of the first SACD releases that appeared in the early 2000′ have been made with these systems. Bert specializes in acoustic recording techniques and has numerous award winning recordings to his credit.

In 1997 he was a co-founder of the High End Audio label Turtle Records®, and from 2008 onwards he is the sole owner of Edison Production Company BV, which harbors Turtle Records® and its spin-off brand “The Spirit of Turtle”. The latter is a merging between Turtle Records® and HQ|NORTHSTAR branded recording productions.

Brendon Heinst

Multimedia Engineer, Web Administrator

Brendon Heinst is a young recording and multimedia engineer based in The Netherlands, with little over eight years of experience in portrait en conceptual photography.

At a very early age Brendon started building and programming computers and no machine in the house was safe from investigation and further development. He soon built several websites for businesses and developed audio and music software tools and created many album covers for upcoming artists in The Netherlands and abroad.

In 2009, Brendon started the Bachelor of Arts and Technology in Audio Design programme at the Utrecht School of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Media and Technology, with a major in Studio Technology and a minor in System Development and completed it with Honours in three years. After this in 2013, he graduated also with honours for the Master of Arts in Creative Design for Digital Cultures programme at the Open University of London, specializing in development of 7.1-channel surround recording techniques.

Brendon now works freelance as an assistant engineer and ‘geek-in-residence’ for Bert van der Wolf at Northstar Recording, and works as technical administrator at The Spirit of Turtle’s website and webstore, creating almost all multimedia involved.

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