Stylems: Italian Music from the Trecento


Future proof recording philosophy…

From approximately the mid-nineties of the last century and onwards, The Spirit of Turtle has been producing all projects in a higher recording format than the traditional CD and/or SACD. We even recorded the first 192kHz-24 bits production ever, a test project for SAMSUNG, soon complemented with DSD simultaneously in the workflow, and many productions exist as such in our archive. From 2005 onwards all our work is frozen in the bits at  352,8kHz 24bits DXD. Also many recordings are produced in immersive surround, of which actually only several were released as such for the mainstream market at the time. Even SACD stayed a niche for many years, so few people have had acces to the actual product as it was intended. Most of our productions only reached the consumers as stereo in a relatively “low” resolution digital format.

No restrictions by physical medium…

Now all that is changing rapidly with the possibility of downloading audio files and playing them with highly flexible and ergonomically clever designed media players. In essence one only needs a decent PC and a relatively modern D/A-converter, with either USB and/or Ethernet, to play original master files in a wide range of formats. Of course, as always, the inherent quality also counts for this playback chain, but at least the possibilities are not restricted by a physical medium, so everybody can have acces to the original source of great recordings.

First time releases in High Resolution stereo and 5.1 surround…

We would like to present to you the first 3 of many productions to come which only appeared as traditional CD when released initially. Two productions with the magnificent Isabelle van Keulen and Ronald Brautigam with music for violin and piano by Grieg, Elgar, Sibelius, Respighi, Strauss & Rota and Ensemble Syntagma with “Stylems”, Italian Music From The Trecento, both now all in High Resolution PCM and DSD formats and in 5.1 Surround.

May The Spirit be with you!

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