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OP, music from Oscar Pettiford by the Tony Overwater trio, Ack van Rooijen and Ernst Reijseger

DSD in it’s infant shoes

This month we’d like to present to you the digital release of one of the most special albums from our Turtle Records catalogue.
A recording from the first period of DSD recordings which we performed in collaboration with the Philips SACD team. As DSD was in it’s early stages we used prototype MOD (Magneto Optical Disc) recorders by AUGAN (Holland) which were able to put the raw DSD data down in combination with prototype dCS converters, but we needed an off line rendering process to perform any edits. This custom made rendering application was developed by the team of Philips Nat.Lab. Eindhoven for us on the basis of a so called EDL (edit decision list). We performed the edits in the studio in the PCM 192kS/s-24bit domain and the EDL was used to process the raw DSD format we delivered. This process of auditioning edits in DSD through PCM is often still the same these days, although in the more equivalent to DSD format DXD. Now all of this  is incorporated in standard workstation applications like Pyramix by Merging Technologies (CH), the company that recently introduced NADAC. Several of our early Turtle Records productions we recently re-mastered from the original DSD recordings, but this one is straight from the old Philips master.

OP won the most prestigious Dutch award in the business, the Edison Jazz award 2001

The Tony Overwater trio with wonderfull additions from the legendary Ack van Rooijen (flugelhorn) and Ernst Reijsiger (cello) who doesn’t need any introduction as well known ECM and Winter & Winter artist. A winning team and a well deserved Edison Award!

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