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Castle In The Air

Buzz Bros Band

Turtle Records

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About the Album

This is the debut CD for the Buzz Brothers Band. Although Marnix and Berthil Busstra have played together over the years, they have not recorded together until now.

As the title suggests, the overall feeling of this CD is light, airy and dreamlike. All of the compositions are originals by Marnix Busstra. He is a lyrical writer,writing music that is easy on the ears. Although the first track starts off reminiscent of something by The Doors, it settles into a lighter mood. “Pearl diver” begins with the melody played by Gevorg Vardanian on the duduk, an Armenian wind instrument with a sound quality resembling the clarinet. This track has a very gentle feel with a lyrical piano solo by Berthil Busstra. “Frog country” features some fastdriving drumwork by Chris Strik with the melody by the keyboards. “Grand-ma and the wolf” is a fun track which starts off quietly with Chris Strik on drums with a tango beat and builds with Marnix Bustra’s guitar solo. The track entitled “Buzz Battle” sounds more like a game of tag than a battle….with the brothers taking turns on solos.

This offering is a very cohesive one. There are a lot of interesting solos and good work by Rene Dissel on bass and Chris Strik on drums. Obviously, the group had a lot of fun recording this because there is a lot of “feel good” music on these tracks.


  1. Castle In The Air (Short Version) Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  2. First Class Seat Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  3. Pearl Diver Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  4. Nut Case Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  5. Frog Country Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  6. Grand-Ma And The Wolf Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  7. She's Gone Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  8. Buzz Battle Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  9. Authentic Turtle Buzz Bros Band 0:30
  10. Castle In The Air (Long Version) Buzz Bros Band 0:30


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Busstra, Marnix


Buzz Bros Band


Modern (> 1920 A.D.)


Turtle Records


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