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Wim Kegel – Drumwise

Duets with Marc van Roon

Buzz Records


About the Album

Drumwise presents Wim Kegel and Marc van Roon revisiting the traditional combination of drums and piano in a contemporary fashion. The repertoire recorded contains a broad repertoire made up of originals, improvisations, two songs from the American Songbook, and two from the Duke Ellington band book. Both musicians have played and recorded with David Liebman, Michael Brecker, Clark Terry, Bob and Chuck Findley and Ack van Rooyen. Kegel has been described as “Never too much, never too little, unexpectedly fierce and sometimes experimental”. Van Roon’s own Steinway grand and Kegel’s extended Gretch drums and cymbals came together in the great acoustics of the Lutherse Kerk in Haarlem and were recorded by sound engineer Bert van der Wolf. Available in High Resolution Stereo & 5.1 Surround


  1. Ghouls of the rame Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  2. Transatlantic Connections Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  3. The Song is You Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  4. Take the A Train Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  5. Radio A Haman Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  6. Is he going? Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  7. In the land where cymbals ring Wim Kegel 0:30
  8. Night and Day Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  9. Listen to the Goats Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30
  10. Fluerette Africane Wim Kegel & Marc van Roon 0:30



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Kegel, Wim, Roon, Marc van


Kegel, Wim


Modern (> 1920 A.D.)


Buzz Records, Turtle Records

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  1. Joeke Vriezinga

    Last Sunday I joined the CD-presentation and the live performance of this new record. Earlier, I played the samples from the webshop page prior to the release date. So I already had a first impression what I could expect. After the concert I bought the CD. A few days later, I played the CD for the first time at home. Although I am very familiar with the sound of Bert’s recordings, the first listening of this record took me totally by surprise. While listening with my eyes closed, the realness of the drumming brought me immediately into a state of heightened perception. The instruments were almost physically present in front of me in a much larger room and sounded extremely realistic, direct, fast, fresh and new. Pure sound, with great dynamics. I could hear every detail on the edge! The interplay of both musicians is outstanding in terms of timing and attunement and this superb recording captured it all. Nothing more left in between. It’s all there. Most wonderful! I really hope that this top-album will be received very well by the press and might hit the polls and the charts finding its way to a larger audience!

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