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Folk Stories – Songs by Beethoven, Britten, Mahler, Repighi, Sibelius a.o.

Cora Burggraaf | Simon Lepper

Liza Ferschtman | Floris Mijnders

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About the Album

Many classical composers have been inspired by folk texts and folk music. They were caught by the universal character of the folk texts, by the simple, direct and basic expression of collective emotions.

Through their classical arrangements these composers have turned the folk songs into ‘art song’ and hence they ended up on the concert platform. But the natural habitat of these texts and melodies is the living room, or the pub. These musicians aspire with this programme to let go of the formalities of the classical concert, and return to the simplicity of the music, the story telling, to the beauty of it, the recogisable, and to the collective experience.


  1. A Sprig Of Thyme Traditional 0:30
  2. Marienwürmchen Johannes Brahms 0:30
  3. Da Unten Im Tale Johannes Brahms 0:30
  4. Sad And Luckless Ludwig van Beethoven 0:30
  5. The Return To Ulster Ludwig van Beethoven 0:30
  6. Thou Emblem Of Faith Ludwig van Beethoven 0:30
  7. Come Draw We Round Ludwig van Beethoven 0:30
  8. Wer Hat Dies Liedlein Erdacht Gustav Mahler 0:30
  9. Lob Des Hohen Verstandes Gustav Mahler 0:30
  10. The Plough Boy Benjamin Britten 0:30
  11. O Waly, Waly Benjamin Britten 0:30
  12. The Bonney Earl o'Moray Benjamin Britten 0:30
  13. Il Est Quelqu'un Sur Terre Benjamin Britten 0:30
  14. Quand J'étais Chez Mon Père Benjamin Britten 0:30
  15. Non, Non È Morto Il Figlio Tuo Ottorino Respighi 0:30
  16. La Mamma È Come Il Pane Caldo Ottorino Respighi 0:30
  17. Io Sono Il Madre Ottorino Respighi 0:30
  18. Regi Keserves Béla Bartók 0:30
  19. Aszszonyok, Aszszonyok Béla Bartók 0:30
  20. Istenem, Istenem Béla Bartók 0:30
  21. Ha Kimegyek Arr' A Magos Béla Bartók 0:30
  22. Den Forsta Kyssen Jean Sibelius 0:30
  23. Säv, Säv, Susa Jean Sibelius 0:30
  24. Flickan Kom Ifran Sin Alsklings Mote Jean Sibelius 0:30
  25. Ketelbinkie Jan Vogel 0:30


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Bartók, Bela, Beethoven, Ludwig van, Brahms, Johannes, Britten, Benjamin, Mahler, Gustav, Respighi, Ottorino, Sibelius, Jean, Vogel, Jan


Burggraaf, Cora, Ferschtman, Liza, Lepper, Simon, Mijnders, Floris


Baroque (1600 – 1750 A.D.), Classical (1750 – 1830 A.D.), Early Romantic (1830 – 1860 A.D.), Late Romantic (1860 – 1920 A.D.), Modern (> 1920 A.D.)


Challenge Classics


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