From Heaven on Earth – Lute Music from Kremsmunster Abbey (Download)

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From Heaven on Earth – Lute Music from Kremsmunster Abbey

Hubert Hoffmann

Challenge Classics / HQ|NORTHSTAR / ®Turtle Records

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About the Album

Hubert Hoffmann: When I visited the Benedictine Abbey of Kremsmünster in Upper Austria some years ago to look at the lutes stored in the abbey archives, I could not guess that this visit would radically change my life as a lutenist. I learnt that the writer of tablatures I discovered was a member of the abbey named Pater Ferdinando (Fischer). It soon turned out that much of the music set down by this scribe was not to be found in the numberless lute manuscripts from this period scattered around the world. These were unique manuscripts. Moreover they contained quite extraordinary works of striking compositional quality: new lute music in the form of cyclical poems of a lute enthusiast – a padre – at the turn of the 17th/18th centuries.
In one of the quietest recording studios in all of Europe – the Galaxy studios in Mol, Belgium – we finally brought the long since faded lute-poems of Pater Ferdinando back to life. Through the wonderfully delicate sound of my lute, Bert’s immeasurable sensitivity and the most advanced recording technology that I have ever had the privilege of using, the lutenist-pater began speaking to us once more.

Contextually Fischer’s putative original compositions are only distinguishable from the other anonymous works through their stylistic features. The first clue is to be found in the considerable proportion of previously completely unknown cycles, whose exquisite quality, high degree of originality and compositional autonomy, together with the considerable technical demands they make upon the player, lead us to assume a common authorship.


  1. Prelude Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  2. Aria Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  3. Aria Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  4. Aria Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  5. Passagio Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  6. Aria Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  7. Sarabande Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  8. Gigue Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  9. Retirada Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  10. Allemande Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  11. Double Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  12. Gavotte Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  13. Menuet Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  14. Canarie Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  15. Chaccogne Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  16. Prelude Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  17. Allemande Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  18. Courante Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  19. Passagaglia Hubert Hoffmann 0:30
  20. Retirada Hubert Hoffmann 0:30


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Baroque (1600 – 1750 A.D.)


Challenge Classics

3 reviews for From Heaven on Earth – Lute Music from Kremsmunster Abbey (Download)

  1. lrsrksr (verified owner)

    In short: without any doubt this is the best recording I have ever heard!

    You want to know why I think it is the best recording I have ever heard? Well, to speak in superlatives about recordings need the coincidence of recording and art. Both is fulfilled. I have downloaded the DXD format. Sound is absolutely stunning! But it gets even better when you recognize the overwhelming emotions which relates to this performance. One easily can feel that Hubert Hoffmann is absolutely related to this music. It may be not the best known music, but isn’t it especially this kind of unknown music we lovers of music and sound are looking for? I’m absolutely one of these guys.

    After listening to this recording I found myself sitting on the sofa overwhelmed with emotion about art and the skill of recording technology in 2017. It was short before getting tears in my eyes about the beauty of music and the playing of Hubert Hoffmann. Goose bumps guaranteed! You have to experience this for your own to believe.

    I think it is possible whatever format you will download. I tried also DSD128 (no problem to check all formats as long as it is “album of the month”). Also great, maybe even more beautiful. For me DXD ist more transparent and more real but this shouldn’t be a discussion about format. The music is too worthwhile to bore with format differences.

    Go download this wonderful music captured at its absolut best, you won’t be disappointed!

    Lars (from Germany)

    • Bert van der Wolf

      Many thanks!
      I will forward this to Hubert Hoffmann. He’ll be thrilled!

  2. yaronv (verified owner)

    Simply divine. Humble music with delicate and profound playing. You feel like you are there at the abbey near the Danube river …

  3. Jaroslav Jelinek (verified owner)

    To give this recording just five stars doesn’t even come close to this masterpiece. Eleven out of five would be more appropriate. If you’re unable to imagine how it would be to time travel to baroque era, use this teleport. Jokes aside. Highest recommendation.

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