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Michael Gees

Challenge Classics

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About the Album

Music spontaneously composed originates from the presence of the spirit. This is music extempore. To achieve this, I have embraced the music of Erik Satie.  Through closely-tied and personalized improvization, I gained insights and found open windows and doors.  I looked into Satie’s music applying the rules it follows.  Every day, I interpreted its horoscope, so to speak.  What other development potential would have been “in it” for its idea?  He himself led the path.  With his “Wrong Dances,” he wrote the same piece three times: In his understanding, apparently, there is no one phrasing of a thought that remains valid through the times.  Neither in my understanding, by the way.


  1. Vieux Sequins Et Vieilles Cuirasses: Crépuscule Matinal (De Midi) Erik Satie 0:30
  2. 5ème Gnossienne Erik Satie 0:30
  3. Pièces Froides: Danses De Travers Erik Satie 0:30
  4. 1ère Gnossienne Erik Satie 0:30
  5. Véritables Prélude Flasques (Pour Un Chien): Sévère Réprimande Erik Satie 0:30
  6. Véritables Prélude Flasques (Pour Un Chien): Seul À La Maison Erik Satie 0:30
  7. Danses De Travers, No. 2 Erik Satie 0:30
  8. Descriptions Automatiques: Sur Une Lanterne Erik Satie 0:30
  9. 4ème Gnossienne Erik Satie 0:30
  10. Danses De Travers, No. 3 Erik Satie 0:30
  11. 1ère Gymnopédie Erik Satie 0:30
  12. Vieux Sequins Et Vieilles Cuirasses: No. 2, Danse Cuirassée (Période Greque) Erik Satie 0:30
  13. Die Nachtigall Erik Satie 0:30


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Satie, Erik


Gees, Michael


Late Romantic (1860 – 1920 A.D.)


Challenge Classics


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