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Tony Overwater

Maarten Ornstein | Wim Kegel | Ack van Rooijen | Ernst Reijseger

Turtle Records

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About the Album

Tony Overwater is an award winning bass player whose sound and unique way of playing have established him as a key player in the European Jazz world. He is a remarkable solo performer and leader of his own projects but also a collaborative and attentive sideman.

Tony plays a wide variety of musical styles, and is particularly known for his pioneering work with Arab music with Rima Khcheich. His trio Jungle Boldie is a long lasting collaboration with reed player Maarten Ornstein and drummer Wim Kegel. As a sideman Tony is a member of the Kepera trio, Hermine Deurloo Quartet and Levantasy. As a composer Tony writes for a wide variety of musical settings. Besides composing for the bands he leads and works with, Tony writes for modern dance, documentaries, movies and children’s music.

In 1989, the same year Tony graduated from the Royal Conservatory, he received the Podium Prize for most promising Dutch Jazz Musician. This year also saw him invited to tour and record with Sunny and David Murray. Shortly after this, he joined the Yuri Honing Trio which, over the years, has established itself as one of Holland’s leading groups touring regularly to Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. His own band, The Tony Overwater Trio, received an Edison for Best Dutch Recording of 2001 for their CD ‘OP’ and his first children’s album, ‘Kikker Swingt!’, went Gold in 2008. His trio also work with Calefax Reed Quintet on the Ellington Suites. Tony is musical leader of the group of Rima Khcheich in Lebanon.

Throughout his career, Tony has worked with a variety of acclaimed musicians including Ack van Rooyen, Misha Mengelberg, Paolo Fresu, Sylvie Courvoisier, Gilbert Paeffgen, Dave Burrell (for a full listing please see Chronology). He continues to collaborate as both leader and sideman with many other musicians including Jess Abrams, Karin Hammar, Marc van Roon and Lotte van Dijck.


  1. Laverne Walk Tony Overwater 0:30
  2. Two Little Pearls Tony Overwater 0:30
  3. Tricotism Tony Overwater 0:30
  4. Stardust Tony Overwater 0:30
  5. Blues In The Closet Tony Overwater 0:30
  6. Bohemia After Dark Tony Overwater 0:30
  7. Gentle Art Of Love Tony Overwater 0:30
  8. Mr. Man Tony Overwater 0:30
  9. Op Tony Overwater 0:30
  10. Oscar's Blues Tony Overwater 0:30


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Overwater, Tony


Kegel, Wim, Ornstein, Maarten, Overwater, Tony, Reijseger, Ernst, Rooijen, Ack van


Modern (> 1920 A.D.)


Turtle Records


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