Sergei Prokofiev Symphonies

Devine absurdity…

Maestro James Gaffigan described the symphonic music of Sergei Prokofiev as “a combination of absurdity and the Divine”…The music developing and shifting between poetic and mellow sceneries, easy to the ear, into crushing, even frightening mechanical violence and all this with the most imaginative orchestral instrumentations.

007 Avant la lettre…

The amount of references to Prokofiev’s symphonic music in the traditional 007 James Bond movies are numerous! It is fair to say that his music has been a major inspiration for the producers and film composers and set the tone for the whole franchise. It speaks for the genius Prokofiev that his music has such strength and appeal that so many musical fragments have been copied almost literally.

Rare performances…

Working with the Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra and James Gaffigan on these recordings is a real treat and we feel proud to be part of this 3 year adventure. All the symphonies, even the second version of the fourth, and all carefully rehearsed and performed on multiple occasions to make this document as good as possible. Strangely enough not many versions are available of this music, but they deliver a true audiophile experience.

The first volume of this series symphonies, symphonies NO. 3&4, has ended in the top 50 of best recordings of 2015! We are excited to present to you volume 2 featuring symphony NO. 6 & 7.

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