The Spirit of Turtle: An Artist Philosophy...

We seek to collaborate with artists who share our vision to communicate music through recording and playback in the highest possible quality and therefore honoring the sound of reality.
Artists who also share our desire to reveal the legacy of great musical minds such that their art reaches as many as possible. Authenticity, inventiveness, sampling and re-working of master pieces can go hand in hand and no musical convention has merits or truth on its own, rather than it being used as an extra tool to create great music and sound.
The Spirit of Turtle is about music and how we can communicate this optimally from performer to listener. A quest for transparency whereby an unconditional dedication and effort is shared and invested by all involved to reach our goals. A gateway between performer and listener that in the best case adds nothing, and takes nothing away from a real life performance.
  • "... but what Bert is able to create is so direct, so natural, so strong... Ich war völlig von den Socken!"
    Christoph Prégardien
  • "It's generating so much emotional impact that every hair on my arms and neck starts to arise."
    Werner Ero,
  • "It was the moment that I knew: with this man I will work together with pleasure and we will record a beautiful CD!"
    Gunar Letzbor
  • "Bert has an acute and open musicality, which enables him to inspire the musical ideas, and is uniquely able to give the recorded result the feeling of spontaneous music-making."
    Michael Schønwandt
  • "I have never experienced such an open atmosphere in a studio situation before!"
    Marion von Tilzer
  • "Berlioz’s dramatic cantatas have enjoyed several successive readings of varying merit, but this is among the very best, captured in truly impressive surround sound. At times, even the classic Janet Baker reading is challenged – if not, finally, surpassed. Nevertheless, a striking disc."
  • "[Dean Peer's Mars] is audiophile the whole way with its precisely defined percussion, quick transient response, and wide-ranging dynamics. All of it fun stuff."
    John J. Puccio, Classical Candor
  • "What an exquisitely transparent yet deep sound, and impeccably balanced!"
    Bob Zimmerman
  • "Moving, startlingly beautiful... Lump in my throat..."
    Ewald Demeyere
  • "Just like Al Ayre, [Bert] is also a man of 'work-in-progress', who does everything to deliver only top products. This dazzling registration speaks for itself. Now, decide for yourself!
    Aart van der Wal,

The Spirit of Turtle: A Recording Philosophy

The Spirit of Turtle strives to let music sound in an acoustic environment whereby the collision of air molecules creates the ultimate blend and balance, rather then to synthesize sound and balance it through electrical currents in mixing boards. Also electrical synthesized music must sound at some point, and The Spirit of Turtle tries to deliver this sound in a way that is believable and similar to a real sounding concert where human beings are involved rather than only abstract soundscapes. Often small noises and even fragile musical moments bring the holographic nature of a recording to life. This philosophy delivers honest, dynamic and extremely colorful recordings in which the musical message comes across in a logical set-up which we recognize to be similar to experiencing a live performance.

We wish you immense enjoyment with our music and may The Spirit of Turtle be with you!